Poets of the Fall live in Moscow photos
Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall live in Moscow (in photos)

I’m still feeling a bit high from the Poets of the Fall show in Moscow on Saturday. It was an incredible night for the band, yes, but also for me as a photographer.

The show was an intense one for me. It’s been a long time since I joined Poets to Russia and I’ve felt bad for not being there for some of the biggest concerts they ever do. So, this year I turned going to Moscow into my personal mission: I needed to be there to photograph it.

And boy, I was. I was telling some of the guys yesterday how, thanks to that night, I probably understand what stage performing is really about better than ever before. And I wasn’t even in the spotlight. I never am or want to be; my job is to be invisible while trying to make them more visible to the world through my photos.

Poets of the Fall live: The incredible audience in Moscow.
The incredible audience in Moscow.

Once we’d dealt with the delightful VIP meet & greet preshow and the usual pre-show rituals, the guys marched on stage. From there, it’s all a blur: I was trying to be everywhere at once to capture all the best moments in both still & video, while minding the stairs, the ladders, the smoke machines, the security dudes and the fans in front row. And most of all, my own clumsy feet.

I took around 8,000 steps that night. Back and forth, back and forth, on stage, off stage, backstage, behind Glen on the side, next to Captain filming the beautiful sea of lights during Sweet Escape, just everywhere at once.

Stairs, hallway, mind your step, don’t drop the camera. Concentrate, smile at the fans, capture the exact right moments, sing along, sing along, sing along to Dark Disquiet. Be there in time for the thank you photo at the end (and for chrissake, don’t hit your head on that thing again.)

I remember lurking on the balcony and standing behind the curtains with Marko during Rogue, and following the band backstage during encore break and again just seconds after the last song. I remember thousands of people waving their hands, dancing like a huge human wave, singing their hearts out. I will never forget the thrill of capturing it all.

Poets of the Fall live in Moscow: The fans, the security, the singer, the connection.
The fans, the security, the singer, the connection.

The energy flowing between the band & the audience is MAGICAL and unlike anything in the world. The excitement, the rush of adrenaline, and the ”high” afterwards. It can’t be explained in words, but you, the fans, the audience… you are a part of it. You make it happen.

Poets of the Fall might steer the show, but you are the engine.

What a unique form of art.
What a crazy profession.
What a LIFE.

PHOTOS: Poets of the Fall live in Moscow 23.2.2019


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