Carousel. It's a carousel at House on the Rock, WI, USA.

The decision to go my own way

To anyone watching from afar starting a new blog isn’t anything dramatic. But to me, it sort of is. I’m already running an active, international travel blog with my best friend and keeping it going requires a lot of work. I also write a blog on one of the most popular online medias in Finland. So, obviously, in Finnish.

On the travel blog side we don’t really write about personal things. I mean, obviously we put a lot about ourselves in the stories we share, but it’s mostly travel related stuff. Like, did we bring the right shoes? And if not, how much did that bum us out?

In the Finnish blog I can’t really write about super personal things, because the readers are most of the time total strangers to me, you know? They’re people who ended up reading my things because they happened spot one of my articles on the front page of the blog section, or whatever. So, sometimes they’ve been unkind. As the internet often is. So I’ve figured it’s best to keep that one for the More Official Things like travel stories and movie reviews and news and shit. General things. Things that don’t get people mad and opinionated (much).

So that leaves me completely without a safe place where I can write about the my personal things. My thoughts and my worries, my joys and my inspirations. My health. My mental health. My feelings about the creative work, politics, arts, and most importantly: dogs (I have many things to say about dogs!).

Both in Finnish and in English.

I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog for a long time now. Cause on the other hand, I don’t really need any extra things to worry about online – just, extra work isn’t very wise right now. I’ve just started a fabulous social media consult job at the coolest hotel in Helsinki, I do photography gigs whenever something comes along and we’re working really hard on all things travel blog on the side.

But… on the other hand I need this. I need my place. It seems the more I try to get offline, the more online I go. With all my quirks and my secrets and my personality and my disorders and my meds and my everyday struggles, I just need an outlet for it all. It’s a bit dumb, it is. I admit it.

I guess being one of the first writers of public online diaries in Finland comes at a price. If I started in 2001, how can I stop now? (See, I started so early the word “blogger” wasn’t even common in Finnish yet. We were just the nutcases who chose to share a lot of their private lives online. Mad, they said we were.)

So, here we go. Time to blog.

Carousel. It's a carousel at House on the Rock, WI, USA.
Sometimes life is like a carousel. Hahhahahhaa innit.

Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing assistant. I once traveled across North America in flipflops. I love dogs, ketchup and many inspiring people.


  • Sandy B. (Reddragon280890)

    And here I am still one of those mentioned strangers, yet I feel happy and almost relieved seeing you really did what felt right in the end! Gotta say though how important it is to go your very own way regardless of what the crowd says and thinks. And I am well aware how blogging can be part of a healing process for our very own heart and soul. If I didn’t have my twitter account for random rants, fangirl posts or simply cryptic thoughts I’d have gotten lost many times. So, I applaud you for this decision you made, Tiia. As long as it feels right, do what brings a smile back on your face! Oh and tell me more about dogs!
    A big hug from Germany.

    • Tiia Öhman

      YAY first comments! Thanks for stopping by & reading. We’ll see how this goes – I won’t put too much pressure on myself and I *WILL* talk about dogs. DOGS DOGS SO MANY DOGS. *hugs back*

  • Elfie L.

    I put this little one here, hoping you’ll find something inspiring and soothing inside.

    “All happiness depends on courage and work.” – Honoré de Balzac

    That’s my encouragement and my thanks. Your work, your photos, projects and travels are uplifting. Know they have nourished some dreams of mine. I’m sure this blog will be a great new adventure, as terrifying and strange as it’ll be beautiful and rewarding.
    As only important things are.

    Keep going your way: only you know how much the journey is worth it.
    Big dreams and warm hugs from France.


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