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    Doors Of Love & Helsinki Pride — It’s Time To Celebrate Love 💖

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been planning and finally executing something that made me immensely happy: the Doors of Love, a Helsinki Pride inspired mural / street art piece. Originally, I just wanted to bring some color to Hotel Katajanokka‘s beautiful old prison yard and perhaps encourage people to share the message on social media during Pride Week. In the end, I myself got something out of it that I didn’t even quite realize needing so badly: some physical, creative quality time and days spent far away from my ol’ keyboard and photo editing software. I’ve been creating social media content for Hotel Katajanokka for quite a while now.…

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    A Day In A Freelancer’s Life

    I wake up at 6am to have a cup of coffee. I shouldn’t be awake this early, but I’m staying with my mom, temporarily, and she tends to wake up at ungodly hours of the day. We chat a little bit, I check my emails and social media, but drift off again by the time she leaves the house. At 8am I get too restless to sleep anymore, so I get up and check my messages again while sipping on my second cup of coffee. I have a lot to do today, but I’m still too excited about finally finding a new apartment yesterday. I spend 90 minutes surfing online…

  • Poets of the Fall live in Moscow photos
    Poets of the Fall

    Poets of the Fall live in Moscow (in photos)

    I’m still feeling a bit high from the Poets of the Fall show in Moscow on Saturday. It was an incredible night for the band, yes, but also for me as a photographer. The show was an intense one for me. It’s been a long time since I joined Poets to Russia and I’ve felt bad for not being there for some of the biggest concerts they ever do. So, this year I turned going to Moscow into my personal mission: I needed to be there to photograph it. And boy, I was. I was telling some of the guys yesterday how, thanks to that night, I probably understand what…

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    Things I want to write about

    There are so many topics I’d like to cover in this blog and I really hope I’ll find the time to do it. Luckily, I don’t have a writer’s block at the moment. I have the exact opposite, actually: I just open my laptop and start typing. Whatever it is — emails, social media stuff, work, blog posts, it just happens very naturally. It doesn’t feel as challenging as it did a while ago. I’m starting to wonder if this is because of my new meds that are supposed to put my brains in a whole new order… but I’m thinking it’s too early to tell. You see, I was…

  • Carousel. It's a carousel at House on the Rock, WI, USA.

    The decision to go my own way

    To anyone watching from afar starting a new blog isn’t anything dramatic. But to me, it sort of is. I’m already running an active, international travel blog with my best friend and keeping it going requires a lot of work. I also write a blog on one of the most popular online medias in Finland. So, obviously, in Finnish. On the travel blog side we don’t really write about personal things. I mean, obviously we put a lot about ourselves in the stories we share, but it’s mostly travel related stuff. Like, did we bring the right shoes? And if not, how much did that bum us out? In the…